The Woodland garden and the Dôme


The stone dome is to be discovered behind the hedges and near the spring that provides drinking water for the château. It was restored in 2005 by Manolo da Silva (he has been working in the park for 30 years!).


This structure (end of the 16th century) is more ancient than the château itself. From there you can see and not be seen… It is an intimate setting ideal for refined suppers or memorable children’s afternoon parties.


Since strollers, just like children, enjoy adventuring out beyond the hedges, with the help of landscapist Astrid Verspieren, Philippine and Valentine de Ganay (mother and daughter) sketched a new itinerary. This is neither a garden nor a grove but a peregrination on the edge of light… akin to an aquarium. One follows a water line. On one side, trunks darkened by ivy and collections of ferns and on the other, patches of ground-cover plants with white flowers that enhance naked and pruned trunks. A quiet atmosphere, sheltered, mysterious, preparing us for the colourful vegetal fireworks of the Japanese Garden. A contemporary landscape, a new chapter, recently added to the five centuries of garden history that already illustrates Courances…