Les Jardins de Courances


The adventure began just 5 years ago, in 2013. Something that was instinctively felt became a conviction. The idea was to shorten distribution circuits, and – as we are only 50 km from Paris – perhaps ultimately to help to “feed Paris”. Or at least, reduce the distance between the garden fork and the consumer’s plate.


After decades slumbering beneath a carpet of alfalfa, the walled garden of the chateau was brought back to life. Certified as organic (AB) since January 2015, the walled garden covers 2.8 hectares adjacent to the park, on the edge of the village in the direction of Milly-la-Forêt.


Les Jardins de Courances is the name of the brand that today sells vegetables, and will perhaps tomorrow sell the products of  the plain, with its 500 hectares of organic crops in 2018. Another challenge: the large-scale crops (primarily cereals) that shape the landscape of the French countryside. Here too, our focus will be on varieties and quality rather than yield.



We have three main outlets for our fine organic vegetables. The farm shop. A helpful and supportive organic smallholding association outlet based at Epinay-sur-Orge. And finally, a digital brand, Tomato & Co, which offers “dedicated” parcels of land to families, companies and restaurant owners who not only monitor what is being grown, but also decide with the gardeners what will be delivered to them at different times of the year.

Les paniers de Nicolas, a new restaurant at Chailly-en-Bière, is much more than an outlet, and takes a close neighbourly interest in what we do.




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