Water at Courances


The story goes that the name Courances stems from the “running waters” present in the park. There are no less than 14 natural springs in the park, a river (the Ecole) and 17 ornamental pools, added over the centuries. The earliest pools date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, and the most recent ones from the last century.


There are no water mechanisms in the park of Courances, instead there is a subtle science of levels allowing water to flow from the famous gueulards (which in reality are dolphin heads!) punctuating the pools.


“Bois de Cély, Prés de Fleury, Eau de Courances… are all three marvels in France…” was the byword at the court of Louis XIII. When he was in residence at Fontainebleau, the latter had his table water brought from the “Fontaine du Roy”, the royal spring in the park.


Today, we continue not to use chemical products in the pools at Courances; Nature is in control. Only the carp in the ponds take care of the cleaning!