Les Jardins de Courances


Direct sale of vegetables, fruits, edible flowers and herbs from the organic garden of the castle and new plots on the plain in conversion to organic agriculture, and organic groceries and drinks – soups and preserves, pasta and lentils, jam and chocolate, vinegars and ciders, apple and rhubarb juice, cider, wines, beers, and more this year: fresh european organic fruits, farm eggs and honey from the park and vegetable garden…


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+33 (0)7 69 20 63 84



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Autumn Menu


October to December


According to weather, time of the year and Nature’s moods



Bunch radish

Beat-roots (albina veredula, golden, detroit, gioggia, crapaudine)

Cabbage: kalestewedkohlrabi cabbagegreen cabbage

Celery stick




Orange, yellow and violine carotts

Onions (yellow and violin)

Potatoes : “ditta” “manitou”, bleu de la manche”, “carolus”

Squash: “potimarron”, “musquée de Provence”, “patidou”, “longues de Nice”, “galeuses d’Eysine”, “blueballet”, “spaguetti”

Pattypan squash

Shallots (various varieties)



Salad, lettuce and batavia variety

Winter radish (black, pink, white)




Parsley flat-leaf and curly leaf,





Coming very soon

Various cabbage: white, yellow, violin cauliflower, savoy cabbage, white cabbage, Brussel cabbage, brocoli cabbage, chinese cabbage

Lamb’s lettuce



Practical information


Delphine welcomes you in the shop located in the heart of the village of Courances, at the end of rue du Moulin, near the Place de la Mairie (see map). Car park.


The shop is open all year except January:

Fridays from 5 pm to 8 pm

Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm


Saturday and Sunday all day on special weekends

September 16 et 17, Journées du Patrimoine

October 14 et 15, Balade du Goût


Extension of the agro-cultural revolution


To increase our vegetable production, in addition to the organic kitchen garden certified AB since 2015, more crops are grown on the plot of Chalmont in the plain between Courances and Fleury.


The new plot is undergoing conversion, which means that it is not yet certified organic (will be in 2018) but already grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides in compliance with AB specifications.


A full-scale experience of live soil gardening without ploughing or chemistry is also underway in the plain, producing artichokes, squash, onions and potatoes.


Likewise, soil revitalisation through agroforestry is implemented by planting trees on some open field plots.