Learning how to grow


Les Jardins de Courances welcomes group visits, and can introduce you to more than 250 varieties of vegetables, grown using 3 different organic market gardening approaches:


–traditional organic market gardening in the walled garden of the château de Courances (3 ha with 3000 m2 of cold frames).


–  diversified open-field vegetable market gardening (3 ha behind the farm of Chalmont).


– living soil market gardening, with no tillage (another 3 ha, on the edge of the village, in the direction of Milly-la-Forêt).


We also offer an initiation in agroforestry: 1800 trees have been planted on 70 hectares of farmland, in the largest project of this type north of the Loire.

A full tour of the Courances plain from Courances (91) to Fleury (77), more than 460 hectares of fields currently being converted to organic farming, is also possible. The project aims to combine the principles of conservation agriculture and organic growing.


Les Jardins de Courances also welcomes woofers who come to learn on-the-job with our market gardeners.


And for future professionals (agricultural schools and technical students), we can work with teachers to set up a tailor-made tour.


Tours are available from €250 per half-day.


On-site catering is available on request (full meal or buffet.)



07 69 20 63 84 / accueilformationJDC@gmail.com